Pressbooks sites are provided at no cost to faculty and staff in the University of Hawaiʻi System and are intended to support the adoption and creation of OER. In addition to policies that govern UH employee use of information technology tools, the following is a brief Terms of Collaboration that ensure that our shared software and content support a healthy information commons.

Terms of Collaboration

By using UH Pressbooks software, you agree to:

  • Place a Creative Commons (CC) license or CC0 dedication on all books
  • Properly attribute the authors of existing OER content you reuse
  • Reuse existing OER in accordance with their license terms
  • Mark any reused All Rights Reserved content clearly
  • Author all content to meet accessibility guidelines and requirements

These terms will be updated to reflect the needs and norms of the UH OER community as they change. Authors are expected to follow these terms to maintain access to UH Pressbooks software.