Professor John Barkai
William S. Richardson School of Law
University of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI 96822

ISBN 978-1-948027-00-7

Regarding copyright – there is none. Of course, there is no claim to copyright the Hawaii Rules of Evidence, which are government works. In addition, your may freely copy and use other sections of this handbook, primarily the appendices, under a Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY) 4.0 License, which essentially means that you may use, share, or adapt the information in the appendices for any purpose, even commercial, if you give “appropriate credit” and indicate changes you made, if any. You cannot restrict others from using these materials. The suggested attribution is to cite the material as: John Barkai, Hawaii Rules of Evidence Handbook (2018).

The author and publisher are offering no legal advice. The law is whatever the judge in your case says the law is.

There seems to be no standard formatting style for presenting the Hawaii Rules of Evidence or the Federal Rules of Evidence. This handbook uses formatting generally consistent with the Hawaii Revised Statutes, but with some paragraph modifications intended to make the understanding and application of the rules as clear as possible – but clarity and understanding of the rules of evidence by using the text alone is almost impossible.

Page numbers differ between the hard and e-copy of this handbook because of formatting issues.


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Hawaii Rules of Evidence Handbook by John Barkai is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.