Chapter 4: Effective Business Writing

4.8 Additional Resources

Visit for a list of the top ten business magazines.

The Wall Street Executive Library presents a comprehensive menu of business Web sites, publications, and other resources.

The Web site (For Home Business) provides many sample business documents, as well as other resources for the small business owner.

The Business Owner’s Toolkit provides sample documents in more than a dozen categories from finance to marketing to worker safety.

Words mean different things to different people—especially when translated from one language to another. Visit this site for a list of car names “que no va” (that won’t go) in foreign languages.

Visit “Questions and Quandaries,” the Writer’s Digest blog by Brian Klems, for a potpourri of information about writing.

Appearance counts. Read an article by communications expert Fran Lebo on enhancing the nonverbal aspects of your document.—Appearance-Counts&id=3039288

Visit this site to access the Sullivan article on bypassing in managerial communication.


Sullivan, J., Kameda, N., & Nobu, T. (1991). Bypassing in managerial communication. Business Horizons, 34(1), 71–80.


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