Chapter 9: Feedback in the Writing Process

9.4 Additional Resources

Online Writing Laboratory (OWL) at Purdue has a comprehensive guide to the writing process.

The newsletter Managing Work Relations offers an article on the grapevine and workplace gossip.

Visit this page for an informative article for managers on how to deliver feedback to subordinates.

Read an inspiring story about feedback on this page.

Read more about how to accept and benefit from feedback in this e-zine article.—Accepting-Feedback&id=2147532

Study Guides and Strategies presents an article on how to benefit from feedback when working with a tutor.

AllBusiness presents an article on the five main methods of market research.

Free Management Library presents an in-depth article on market research.

Explore the home page of SurveyMonkey and learn about some of the decisions that need to be made in the process of designing a survey.

Read an article on how to organize a focus group by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD.

Writers often receive feedback by having their documents edited. Read about what an editor does on the home page of KOK Edit. discusses Rogers’s five feedback types with examples.


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